Accounts Payable Management:

  • Processing invoices from vendors and suppliers.
  • Verifying the accuracy of invoices and ensuring proper documentation.
  • Tracking due dates for payments and managing cash flow effectively.
  • Reconciling vendor statements and resolving discrepancies.
  • Generating reports on accounts payable aging and outstanding balances.
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Accounts Receivable Management:

  • Creating and sending invoices to clients for products or services rendered.
  • Tracking customer payments and following up on overdue invoices.
  • Managing collections and implementing strategies to improve cash flow.
  • Reconciling customer accounts and resolving payment discrepancies.
  • Generating reports on accounts receivable aging and collections status.
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Bank Reconciliation:

  • Matching transactions from bank statements with company records.
    Identifying and rectifying discrepancies, such as missing transactions or bank errors.
  • Reconciling cash deposits, withdrawals, checks, and electronic transfers.
  • Ensuring accuracy in accounting records and financial statements.
  • Providing reports on bank reconciliation and account balances.
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Payroll Processing:

  • Calculating employee wages, salaries, bonuses, and deductions.
  • Processing payroll taxes, including federal, state, and local withholdings.
  • Managing employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Ensuring compliance with payroll laws and regulations.

Financial Statement Preparation:

  • Compiling financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Summarizing financial data to provide insights into the company's financial performance.
  • Analyzing key financial ratios and indicators to assess business health.
  • Customizing financial reports based on management or investor requirements.
  • Presenting financial statements to stakeholders, investors, or auditors.
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